The Self-sufficient Pool

Efficient, technological and sustainable. It's the Self-sufficient Pool, which is not only able to avoid water waste but can also serve as a resource to the community. To present it as a swimming pool model of the future is the magazine Piscine Oggi, that through an in-depth inquiry titled "When the pool is a resource", analyzes the water situation in our country to understand what will happen in the years to come, and what pool market will face.

"Regardless of shape and size, to the public purpose or the private use, pools can save water. It's even possible that they become a means to produce it", Piscine Oggi explains. "Modern technologies allow pools to collect water to be purified, such as rainwater, and to make it suitable for domestic use. The same water that can also be stored to face the Italian arid summers, perhaps available to the community as a water resource in the service law enforcement and the firefighters. For this new model to become the norm, and not the mere choice of some private enlightened private owners, there is a need to raise general awareness. Therefore, to incite the will to do something concrete to counteract the already heavy water waste in the national territory, and to launch a new eco-sustainable trend".

ForumPiscine, together with ForumClub, decided to start right from this topic to talk about the future of the industry, through high-level conferences, roundtables with internationally renowned speakers and experts, debates and insights.

All set within a program full of novelties that involves all the actors in the industry, from builders to private users, who will give voice to one sector, that of the Italian swimming pool, among the most important in Europe.