The launch of FUNCTIONAL LAB at ForumClub 2017

During its 18th edition, ForumClub will focus on functional training and its many feaures with Functional Lab, the technicalcultural and exhibition programdedicated to functional training conceived to highlight the disciplines that are having an unprecedented success in the fitness world.

The expo area, as well as the Congress and the Workshops, will be "crossed" by the functional phenomenon in all its technical and management features.

During the three days, visitors can dive into the training and expo program of FUNCTIONAL LAB, where it's all about functional. The program will cover free workshops by companiescongress sessionspractical demonstrationsdebates and updates on this trend from an international perspective that will give exhaustive answers.

The crucial evolution step of a sector whose core business is physical activity is the trainer's key role, not only because he designs and implements training programs, but also because he chooses training equipments and spaces. This is why ForumClub will pay special attention to these professionals in training and technical terms.

ForumClub 2017 will offer trainers a special program - thanks to Functional Lab, too - that will represent the many souls of the functional movement and the aspects required to be competitive in the market, mainly as technicians but with managements features. In other words, the visitors of ForumClub will be able tobe updated on functional productsstrategies and solutions, in collaboration with top fitness companies and the most innovative interpreters of this "new course". And also technical and management education in partnership with leading bodies for instructors and personal trainers, with round tables and meetings with national and foreign experts on changes and challenges of an evolving market.