29 August 2023

ForumClub 2017, focus on thermal centres, spas and wellness

ForumClub and ForumPiscine 2017 expresses the current changes in the world of thermal centres, spas and wellness through a series of open events, free entrance, that focus on what's new in the sector in terms of management, rules and administration. A must-attend occasion for training and debate with major trade experts and to face together future challenges and aim at maximum economic efficiency.

Visitors of ForumClub and ForumPiscine 2017 will have the chance to attend the meeting entitled Spas and strategic vision - Design, informatization and management of Spas, organized in collaboration withZucchetti Itaca, member of the Zucchetti Group, leading Italian supplier of softwares, hardwares and services.

Moreover, thanks to a fruitful collaboration with Federterme (Italian Federation of Thermal Centres), this year ForumPiscine will focus on thermal centres: during the session entitled The State-Regions Agreement revised: changes and implications for different kinds of pools the topic will be treated in terms of rules, whereas during the session Innovative strategies to disinfect thermal pools it will be treated in technical terms.

Please visit the page Congress/Open Program to see all the free sessions of ForumClub and ForumPiscine 2017.