29 August 2023

Adrian Marks, an exceptional speaker at ForumClub 2018

Andrew Marks will explain to the audience of ForumClub 2018 that to increase profits it's important to "tap the right keys". Which keys? Come to find out by participating in his general session.


To learn, to confront, to discover: these are the basis of the knowledge, an education that at ForumClub and ForumPiscine it coincides with a high-level training since the first edition. And training for ForumClub and ForumPiscine also means internationality.

For this reason, each year, both events propose to their audience, speakers from other countries, giving space to all the entries in the fitness, wellness and aquatic industry, from companies to managers and trainers, to better understand together how to survive and prosper in a social and economic context that has changed in a short time and that continues to renew.

Among the protagonists of the upcoming Forum (from February 21-23, 2018, at the 33rd Hall of the Bologna Fiere) there will be an exceptional guest who will hold an unmissable general session: Adrian Marks.

Having founded and later sold two multimillion-dollar companies, one of which operates in fitness, he has given life to enjoy!, to share, with a constantly growing number of customers, those same strategies, and principles that allowed him to have success as an entrepreneur.

Great motivator and great strategist, the British expert will give the best in an interview that will address a current theme in the international agenda, the sale of social contents. He will do so by analyzing consumer psychology in this increasingly social and digital world, in which social media, smartphones, and Google itself have radically changed the way that users come into contact with the fitness universe.



And yet, Marks will explain, in a global market where there is no longer a loyalty to companies and brands, whose consumers use the web to get (well) informed before making any purchase, that just "tap the right keys", even technological, allow to increase the sales. 

During his inspiring session, Marks will also answer these important questions: when is it fair to provide free-based proposals and when is it time to raise prices? How does the frequency and the lack of a good or service impact on buying decisions? And how can external influences change habits?

If you'd like to know the answers to these important questions, you can not miss Adrian Marks' session. ForumClub and ForumPiscine are waiting for you!