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A33-C33 | Pad. 25

Hydromassage tubs, showers, mini-pools, spas

ALBATROS WELLNESS presents Modula Pool, a mini-pool that speaks of elegance, refinement and originality. A new material, Solid Surface, is used creatively with the latest technology. Modula Pool can accommodate up to 5 people and share the stimulating effects of 36 invisible Airpool microjets and 24 invisible Whirpool jets. A touch of elegance is provided by the pleasant and relaxing effect of the perimeter overflow edge chromotherapy. It can be installed as you wish, freestanding or recessed, inside the house or on the terrace, in the garden, on the porch, and is available in 11 different colours for the perimeter surrounds. A sophisticated spa, where technology applied to materials has produced Albatros' innovative patent, Secret System: an exclusive, one-of-a-kind hydromassage system that has replaced the classic nozzles with minimalist slits. The Modula Pool mini-pool is also equipped with the Silence Spa system, a technology that decisively reduces energy consumption and guarantees absolute silence, a very important factor in ensuring true relaxation.