Since 2000 ForumClub has been the most important Italian professional event for fitness&wellness.

Let's be the change, the claim chosen for the 2021 edition of ForumClub, is an invitation to open the doors to change, and the very essence of the congress program and the initiatives of the twenty-second edition, which brings together all operators of the supply chain after months of closure. A crucial moment to meet each other, team up and build together new horizons and opportunities.

ForumClub is the first live BtoB event for the industry in 2021. But it is also the first hybrid event for the sector. The paid sessions of the congress will also be available in live streaming: an opportunity to reach a wider audience within the target audience, overcoming the restrictions imposed by anti-Covid-19 measures.



Innovation, Technology and Sustainability (managerial and environmental). And again, Marketing and Communication, Motivation and Anti-Fragility, Social web and Digital, Market, new consumption and price dynamics, Business and organizational models, Economic and financial management, New Regulations (sport, work, safety, funds, etc. ).



  • It is the only live B2B event of 2021 in Italy for fitness&wellness.
  • It provides "turnkey" participation formulas: ForumClub is light, smart, all-inclusive.
  • It takes place in conjunction with NEXT by ForumPiscine, a new format that will bring in Bologna operators and managers of public and commercial swimming pools as well as aquatic facilities.
  • You will be in touch with a selected target of entrepreneurs and decision-makers.
  • It is an opportunity to take stock of the market and future scenarios. A moment of confrontation and qualified training.